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Monday - Saturday: 4:30pm-9:00pm


Take Out Available

About Chef Ettore Mancini


"I was born in Central Italy, in the city of Itri. We grew all our own vegetables and fruit, melons and peaches and, of course, fishing almost outside our back door. Well, actually we were a couple miles from the coast," explained Chef Ettore, "I was always around my mother when she was cooking and also I liked to eat. Then, in 1980 when I was 18, it was mandatory to enlist in the National Italian Army. Because I had an interest in cooking I became the cook for 2,000 soldiers and did my service in Verona in Northern Italy. They used to ship you furthest from home. That's when I got interested in the regional cuisine.


"Picture a highway from Milan to Venice and Verona is in the middle. So I incorporated my Roman heritage with my Verona experience and developed my signature culinary repertoire." explained Chef Ettore, noting the same ingredients are used in many restaurants but how he puts them together makes his cooking unique. "My food is easy to make but hard to copy!" He spent the next few years working here and there in Italy, exploring and experiencing regional foods until the end of 1984, when he decided he was due for a vacation and booked a flight to New York City. "New York was exciting but too big, so I decided to head south. I had friends to visit here in Naples and that appealed to me. Naples reminded me of Italy. Then I met my wife Monique and I never went back!

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