• Clams Casino Served On The White Plate
  • Beef Noodle Soup With Brisked Pho

Eurasia Restaurant

About us

Our journey here at Eurasia started with founders Monique and Ettore "Chef Eddie" Mancini, who came to America in the early '70s and mid ‘80s respectively. Monique was from Saigon, Vietnam, and Eddie was from the small town of Itri, just south of Rome. Shortly after they arrived in America, they found each other here in Naples. Through broken English and a bit of French, they fell in love and were able to create an enduring bond.

After opening and operating their first restaurant, "Mancini's Gardens," in the late '80s, Eddie never gave up his love for his craft. He worked as a chef on Marco Island for years and built quite a customer base that enjoyed his Italian cooking. Meanwhile, Monique pursued a successful career as a cosmetologist in East Naples. Monique always had an idea of opening a restaurant that could offer food from both of their respective national backgrounds. Shortly afterwards, in 2008, Eurasia was created.

In 2020, Eddie and Monique passed away shortly after one another due to illness, yet their legacy lives on through their family, who continue operations. We honor Mom and Dad by continuing to offer the very same recipes and products that they used to. We care about our customers and staff and do our very best to make sure everyone feels a part of the family when dining with us